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"Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen."

~ Chenell Parker




Get to know Author Chenell Parker…


Chenell Parker, born and raised in the world famous New Orleans, Louisiana, has always had an affinity for words and it didn’t hurt that she has an imagination to match. If you let her tell it, being an author was never a thought to her. Her writing career began simply by sharing a few chapters that she’d written with a close friend, who was so impressed that she pushed her to get the sample out and into the hands of a publisher. And she did just that. Chenell signed on to Write House Publishing, where she debuted her series, ‘Her So Called Husband’ which was followed by fan favorite, ‘You’re My Little Secret’, both crushing and exceeding her expectations as an author. But with characters like the innocent and lovable Brooklyn and the flamboyant CoCo, one could see why her readers fell in love with her characters and her writing.


After an extremely successful tenure with Write House Publishing, Chenell decided to spread her wings and become an independent author where her success not only followed, it SOARED. Her ability to develop relatable characters with real life storylines, mixed with leg-slapping comedy and jaw droppings twists make her a force to be reckoned with. Chances are if you’ve read one book, you’ve had the ‘Chenell’ book experience that keeps you wanting more and more. Just ask the ‘Chatty Crew’ of her Facebook group, Chenell’s Chatty Corner, how they feel about their beloved author. The mere fact that they’re constantly asking for new books shows that Chenell Parker was made to be an author, whether she knew it at the time or not. After reading her work, you just may find yourself joining forces with the Chatty Crew to make sure that Chenell Parker continues to be…Author Chenell Parker.

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