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Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be.

Although she lost her entire immediate family over a period of time, Rylee pulled her strength and support from her extended family, her best friend Zyra and the love of her life, her husband Mekhi. Mekhi knew from the first moment he saw Rylee that she would be his wife. He doted on her and placed her on the pedestal that she deserved to be on. He cherished her. Or so Rylee thought.
Rylee’s picture perfect life became a cracked glass frame when Mekhi’s true intentions were revealed.  As fate would have it, Zyra’s brother Zyrian is standing in the wings preparing to put the glass pieces back together again.
Will Rylee be willing to walk away from all that she has ever known with her husband Mekhi? Will she be willing to swim in new uncharted waters with Zyrian? Will Mekhi fight for who he believes rightfully belongs to him and only him? Will Zyrian’s persistent interests complicate Rylee’s thoughts?
With a host of supporting characters and Mekhi’s extreme disdain for Zyrian, the situation gets more complicated at every turn. Will Mekhi be able to stop Rylee from committing what he considers the ultimate sin with Zyrian or will his secrets run her right into the arms of the man that he despises the most?

Complicated 2

​After being hit with yet another bombshell surrounding her husband’s infidelities, Rylee has some tough decisions to make. Everyone who claims to love her is keeping secrets and she’s not sure who she can trust.


Zyrian has feelings for Rylee, but he’s refraining from acting on them. He knows that she’s been through hell and back with Mekhi and he wants to make sure that she’s ready.


Mekhi is being hit with problem after problem, but an unexpected acquaintance seems to have the answers that he needs. Will Mekhi and Rylee be able to overcome their differences and repair their damaged union or has the marriage run its course. Will Zyrian be able to step in and mend Rylee’s shattered heart or is the destruction irreparable?


Find out the answers to these questions and more in the second installment of Complicated 2.

Complicated 3
Following a shocking revelation from his ex-wife and her new husband, Mekhi is left with more questions than answers. Never the loser and always the winner, Mekhi won’t give up what he has worked hard to accomplish – including Rylee.
Rylee has moved on to greener pastures and refuses to let her past interfere with her future. But, Mekhi is still up to his old tricks. Being the protector that he is, Zyrian has his wife’s back every step of the way. When his past tries to resurface, he has the strenuous task of staying on the right path or going astray.
When secrets are reveled and friends turn into foes, who will be the last one standing? Will Mekhi let Rylee have her happily ever after or will he try to reclaim what he feels is rightfully his? Is life after Rylee complicated for Mekhi or will he maneuver through the thorns to claim his most prized possession in this final installment?
Hate That I Need You

Doing what she wanted to do was something that Jadore never had a chance to experience. Doing what she had to do always took precedence when a series of unfortunate events forced her into a role that she had to play. Becoming the primary caregiver for her 3 siblings at a young age, Jadore struggled to make ends meet until Esko entered the picture. Never knowing what it was like to struggle, Esko stepped right in and gave Jadore and her family the life that they deserved to live. Jadore was appreciative of his help, but she soon learned that if something seemed too good to be true then it probably was. Wanting his help was one thing, but she hated to feel like she needed it.

Mac is a young man with a good heart being raised by his equally bighearted single father. His girlfriend, Shanice, loves him unconditionally, but Mac is not ready for the kind of commitment that she's looking for. When an ill-chosen event causes him to cross paths with Jadore, both their lives seem to have a new purpose, if only temporarily. They become fast friends until a small misunderstanding threatens to permanently tear them apart.

With their lives intertwining unexpectedly, can their friendship remain unscathed? When lies, secrets and hidden agendas are revealed, will they come out victorious or will they fall by the wayside? Take an emotional ride with Jadore and her crew in this full length standalone "Hate That I Need You".

Cheating The Future For The Past
Being naive to the men in their lives as well as the streets, sisters Keller and Kia struggle to make their dysfunctional relationships work. Jaden is all that Kia has ever known, but she's fed up with his constant cheating and erratic behavior.
Keller loves Leo, but his physical abuse is tearing down her body as well as her spirit. When her best friend's brother, Tigga, expresses interest in her, Keller is curious as to what he has to offer. A father of three young girls, Tigga is determined to be a better man to his daughters than his father was to him and his sister. His daughters are his world, but he doesn't feel the same way about their mother Anaya. They've grown apart over the years, but Anaya is determined to hold on to their relationship or lack thereof. Even if it means using their daughters as leverage, she refuses to give up on her man. With her past threatening to wreak havoc on her future, Anaya is left to make some tough decisions.
Will Jaden let go of his cheating ways and be the man that Kia needs him to be? Will Tigga stay with Anaya for the sake of his girls or does a life with Keller seem more promising? Find out the answers to these questions and many more in this first installment of Cheating the Future for the Past.

Cheating The Future For The Past 2
After being blindsided regarding the paternity of one of his daughters, Tigga is battling with his own issues of trust. He knows that Keller is nothing like Anaya, but he’s having a hard time letting go of his insecurities.
Keller is trying her best to be there for her man in his time of need, but she is battling her own demon – Leo. Leo won’t let go of what he believes is rightfully his. He has no boundaries when it comes to Keller and he has no problem proving that to her or anyone else. Anaya refuses to accept her new reality and she is determined to return to her life with Tigga. She refuses to be the only one miserable and she is using all of her wits to get Keller out of the picture.
Jaden is madly in love with Kia and he’s trying his best to be the man she needs him to be. He succeeds for a while until a new temptation has him ready to go astray once again. Jaden is all that Kia has ever known, but she’s tired of fighting against his infidelities. She starts to doubt if Jaden is really the one or if she should move on and explore her options.
When old problems resurface and new problems arise, will Kia be able to stand or will she fold under the pressure? Can Keller convince Tigga that she is worth his trust or will his past hurt push her away? Find out in this second installment of Cheating the Future for the Past.
Cheating The Future For The Past 3

Jaden’s family scramble to find answers as they watch him battle for his life after being left for dead. Although she feels for her daughter’s father, Kia has moved on with her life and has a new man in it.


Keller loves Jaden like a brother, but she too is battling with inner conflicts such as the new life growing inside of her. Will Keller terminate her pregnancy and move on with remorse from Tigga or will she give Tigga another chance at her heart and unborn child’s life?

Tigga knows right from wrong and he questions his actions with Keller. Will he work to right his wrongs or move on to new attractions. Anaya has learned the hard way that doing wrong won’t ever go right, but she is determined to beat the odds. Although she quickly realizes that old habits are hard to break; she is not alone in her new journey.


Rich is in a mess that he’s not sure how to get himself out of, but is it too late for regrets? Will Jaden live to confront his past demons? Will Keller and Tigga finally get it right and raise their child together or will Keller do the unthinkable? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this final installment of Cheating the Future for the Past.

You're My Little Secret
At eighteen years old, Brooklyn Andrews is nothing more than a naïve college student. Being the youngest of five and the only girl, she is sheltered from a lot of things that most girls her age experience, including boys. That is until she meets Dominic.
Dominic Roberts is a young, handsome business man who owns a profitable trucking company, along with his older brother, David. When the two meet it's hard to deny the attraction that they have for one another and it doesn't take long before they act on what they both feel. The only thing standing in their way besides Brooklyn's brothers is Kennedi, Dominic's fiancé.
Kennedi loves Dominic with all her heart, but Brooklyn is slowly making him rethink if marriage is what he really wants. Will Dominic drop his fiancé and make Brooklyn his number one or will she continue to be his little secret?

You're My Little Secret 2
Brooklyn went from being a naïve eighteen-year-old virgin to being the pregnant side chick of a soon to be married man. Dominic has always wanted to be a father and he’s excited that Brooklyn is making his dream a reality. Dominic loves Brooklyn but his history with his fiancée Kennedi has made it difficult to choose between the two.
Kennedi's greatest desire is to give Dominic a baby, but after having three miscarriages, she is discouraged and the news of Brooklyn's pregnancy is devastating. She loves Dominic and must decide if marrying him is an option for her. Will a baby bring Dominic and Brooklyn closer while tearing him and Kennedi apart or will Brooklyn forever be his little secret?
You're My Little Secret 3
Although he's married to Kennedi, Dominic's heart remains with Brooklyn. After finding out that Brooklyn is expecting his second child, Dominic may be ready to move on and be with the one who his heart desires.
Kennedi is not going down without a fight. She's also expecting a child with her husband, and she's not letting him go that easily. Brooklyn has made it clear that she's done being the other woman, and she's no longer putting up with Dominic's cheating ways.
After having trouble carrying babies in the past will Kennedi finally succeed in giving her husband a child or will this pregnancy break her heart just like all the others? Will Dominic try to make it work with his wife for the sake of their unborn baby or will he follow his heart and chose Brooklyn instead? Skeletons are falling out of the closet in this final installment of You're My Little Secret.
Her So Called Husband
D'Andre "Dre" Mack is torn between two women. Cherika, his wife and mother of his kids, has held him down through thick and thin. However, Alexus, his side chick, is the one who holds his heart. Cherika loves Dre with every fiber of her being and she is not going down without a fight. Meanwhile, Alexus questions if loving Dre was a mistake from the start.

Dre's cousin, Keanna, has an agenda of her own, but who's side is she on? After all is said and done, who will be the woman standing in this suspenseful, jaw dropping love drama? Find out what happens when lies are told and secrets are revealed in this enthralling beginning series of Her So Called Husband.
Her So Called Husband 2
With D'Andre "Dre" Mack there are no bonds of loyalty as he wrestles between his love for the two women in his life; his wife, Cherika and his side chick, Alexus. Alexus is madly in love with Tyree, but is she really ready to move on from Dre?
Cherika is still fighting for her marriage, but is she fighting a losing battle. Dre's cousin Keanna is still more ratchet than ever. She's not working alone this time, but who is her accomplice? No one will be able to escape the jaw dropping twists, turns and suspense. Find out what happens when the drama, cheating, lying and secrets returns full throttle in this second installment of Her So Called Husband 2.

Her So Called Husband 3
Alexus is in a bind. After the love of her life, Tyree, catches her in bed with her ex-lover, Dre, she is terrified that she may have lost him forever. Even though Tyree still loves Alexus, he’s unsure if they will be able to overcome this huge obstacle or if he should simply move on.
Keanna hasn’t changed one bit, but this time, she has a little competition of her own. She formed a fast friendship with Ayanna, but what happens when their friendship is put to the test in the worst way?
Cherika is trying desperately to move on from Dre and his constant cheating, but is he really ready to let her go or will he decide to fight for his family? Dre still loves Alexus more than life itself, but are the feelings mutual or has she finally had enough of her married ex-lover?
Find out the answers to these questions and more in this drama filled final installment of Her So Called Husband 3.

You Should Let Me Love You
Past heartbreaks and failed love has hardened Candace's fearful heart. David, her current love interest, wants all of her including her broken heart. David won't settle for anything less. Being with one woman is new for him, but he feels that Candace is worth it.
Dwight has a few skeletons in his closet, but he's unsure of how he should come clean about them.

Co-Co is unpredictable and there's no telling how he'll react to his news. Co-Co must decide if the risk of pushing away his only living parent is worth losing his one true love. To complicate matters, Dwight's cousin Yasmine not only moves in with him, but she also moves in on everyone's turf, especially the Roberts brothers.
With drama, deceit and desperation all around, will Candace and David's love survive the many obstacles that are thrown their way or will one or both of them succumb to temptation? Find out as we catch up with the gang from the bestselling "You're My Little Secret" series.

Creepin': A New Orleans Love Story
The odds were already against 17 year old Lamia. Growing up in the projects of New Orleans with a drug addicted father and an unconcerned mother forced her to mature beyond her youth. Determined not to accept her surroundings, Mia stepped up to take responsibility for her siblings, her parents and her parents' mistakes. The only solace in her life was the unconditional loving relationship she shared with her Godfather Von. Mia adored Von more than life itself and she couldn't see herself losing his trust. That is until her new love interest crept into her heart and into her bed. As lies, deceit, and jealousy are creepin' into Mia's life, will her secret affair shatter the relationship that she cherished so much or will she continue creepin'.


Creepin'2: A New Orleans Love Story 
Just when Mia decided she didn't want to creep any longer, Tre throws her a curveball. Will Tre's actions force Mia in a different direction? Will Mia fall for a new love interest or will she fight for her first love? Mia isn't the only one at a crossroad. Tanya is the woman who holds Von's heart, but Cheryl plays the game well and proves to be a distraction. Will Von choose wisely? Still trying to juggle raising her kids and the street life, Moonie is hit with a sudden wake up call. Will Moonie grow up and be responsible for her actions or will the streets of New Orleans continue to call her name? With old enemies lurking and new enemies scheming, Tre's plate is full. Will Tre allow these drawbacks to get in the way of the relationship he wants with Mia or will he continue creepin?
Creepin' 3: A New Orleans, Love Story
After a startling confession from his son, Von is left with more questions than
answers. Along with the bomb that Tre and Mia have dropped, Von has to grapple with some drama of his own. Moonie is still struggling to stay on the right path and adjust to a life that does not include the streets, but several outside forces are determined to destroy her almost happy home. Rainey is in way over her head as she creeps into her latest venture and her one-time friends quickly become foes. Will she finally learn the meaning of true loyalty or will her jealousy continue to encompass her very being. Bonds are broken just like hearts and everyone's loyalty is being put to the test. In this final installment of Creepin', who will stand and who will fold in this New Orleans story of love, friendship, family and loyalty.
What You Won't Do For Love
After years of being away from each other, Skylar and her longtime boyfriend Arman decided to give their relationship another try. Arman loves Skylar to death, but he can't seem to stay faithful no matter how hard he tries. Skylar has never been a fool for a man and she’s refusing to start now. Never being the kind of woman to sit at home waiting for her man to do right, she instead gives Arman a dose of his own medicine. A series of unfortunate events take place as a result of their infidelities and things quickly go from bad to worse. Will Skylar and Arman's love stand the many curveballs that are thrown their way or will they count their losses and move on? Some say to never say never, but Skylar feels otherwise. She knows what she won't do for love and that's settle for less the what she feels that she deserves.

Never Knew Love Like This
Getting money was all that Cashmere ever knew growing up. Being beautiful with a figure to die for made it easy for her to juggle men and get her needs met. She had never met a man who wasn't impressed by her outer appearance until she met Montez, a married tattoo artist. Montez has more on his plate than he bargained for. He is desperate to start a family with Destiny, his wife of 3 years, but the secrets that she's withholding make that seem almost impossible. A chance meeting from a mutual acquaintance puts Cashmere and Montez in each other's presence briefly. It's love at first sight for one of them, but not so much the other. Cashmere is used to men falling at her feet, but the lack of attention from Montez has her questioning herself as well as the beauty that she's always been known to possess. Take a ride with an insecure young woman and a very outspoken young man to see just how their lives intertwine when they cross paths with one another. Will Montez be able to resist the sexy vixen known as Cashmere or will he dishonor his vows for a taste of her forbidden fruit? Will Cashmere be able accept Montez's rejection or will she continue to pursue something that she can never have? Is Montez really off limits or will he be the man to show her love like she's never known before?

Never Knew Love Like This 2


After being hit with a revelation about the identity of Montez’s soon to be ex-wife, Cashmere has more questions than answers. Destiny is a woman scorned and she refuses to let her husband go without a fight. Bria, her best friend and sister-in law, has a few issues of her own. That doesn’t stop her from giving Destiny advice, even though she needs a little guidance herself. She and her husband Ramone are not as perfect as she wants her friends and family to believe. Montez loves Cashmere more than she knows, but her past behaviors are hindering their relationship from growing like it should. He’s getting fed up with her childish behavior and he’s starting to wonder if being with her is even worth it. Everyone are not who they claim to be as secrets are revealed and identities too. Will Cashmere change her ways to keep the man who holds her heart or will she continue to let her past define who she is? Will Destiny finally move on or is she willing to fight to the end for a man who she feels is legally hers. Find out the answer to these questions and more in this final installment of Never Knew Love Like This

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